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Gianni Van Hoecke

I am a software developer.

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I am a software developer based in Belgium, aged 35, with more than a decade of experience in the field and still actively contributing.

I am deeply passionate about technology and adept at crafting innovative solutions to complex problems. The decision to pursue a career as a software developer was a deliberate and strategic choice.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I engage in a diverse range of hobbies and interests. Of particular significance are my interests in music, photography, and aviation. I commenced my journey with the clarinet at the age of 8 and have since evolved into an active participant in multiple orchestras and a clarinet quartet. Flying became a captivating pursuit for me. Pursuing a Private Pilot License, I successfully completed my training with a Warrior Piper III, but I never did my examinations. While my focus has evolved since then, the memories of navigating the skies remain a cherished part of my personal history.

I enjoy traveling within and outside Europe, and I especially love visiting Italy.

My curiosity never abandons me, and I’m always expanding my knowledge by taking additional courses, whether on platforms like Coursera or by delving into a good book. Physics, technology, and history books consistently occupy a prominent place on my shelf.


Following my graduation in 2012, I commenced my professional journey with linkID nv, a subsidiary of Lin.K nv. Lin.K is a privately held Belgian company founded in 1992 and provider of technologies and services for online user registration, identification, strong authentication, digital signature/validation of data/transactions using smart cards, mobile phones, tokens and biometrics. That’s where my interest in security came into play. Sadly, linkID went bankrupt in 2016.

In 2016, I embarked on my professional journey with Onea nv, a provider of real-time integrated accounting solutions. In 2017, Unifiedpost Group acquired Onea. In 2023, Unifiedpost Group divested the Onea division to Fitek, an Estonia-based entity.

The subsequent year, 2024, marked my transition into freelancing within the realm of software design and development. If you believe that my expertise could contribute to the success of your company, please feel free to explore GVH Strategic Solutions BV or reach out to me at any time.


OAuth2 Desktop Library for Java

Open source OAuth2 desktop library for Java.


Arduino thermistor library


Honeywell Evohome CLI app


View and export dBASE files


Belgacom bandwidth statistics.


An updater library for Java


Update your A records


Get a Christmas desktop!

Simple Forum Auto Poster

Forum automation

LMS Desktop Assistant

University project


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based in Ghent, Belgium

Tel : +32 496 76 72 33

gianni [at] giannivanhoecke [dot] com