LMS Desktop Assistant

This project is the result of an internship at University College Ghent. Three people worked on this application. Visit the project website for more information.

As its name suggests, this application assists you when working with an LMS. You can convert and upload exercises from simple Office text documents, split and convert documents to PDF, generate statistics in Excel format and synchronize all contents of a local folder with the platform.

LMS Desktop Assistant comes in English and in Dutch. Translating LMSDA to your own language is fairly easy.


Convert and upload exercises (Multiple Choice, fill in the gaps) to the LMS platform from Office text documents

Split and convert documents to PDF and upload them to the LMS platform

Upload files to the LMS platform

Generate statistics of solved exercises to Excel format

Synchronize all files of a local directory with the LMS platform

At this moment, LMS Desktop Assistant supports the platforms Dokeos 1.8.5 and Chamilo 2.0. It can easily be extended to work with other LMS platforms too.

You can download LMS Desktop Assistant and the manuals at the SourceForge project download page or visit the project website.