Simple Forum Auto Poster

Simple Forum Auto Poster is an application that automatically posts messages to forums. This is useful for people active on multiple forums, but don’t want to type and copy/paste the same message multiple times. Compose your message, choose the forums you want to post to, and start! Simple as that. Simple Forum Auto Poster is not made for spam purposes, but for personal intent.


Posts messages to phpBB 2, phpBB 3, Woltlab Burning Board, Invision Power Board, MyBB, vBulletin, XenForo, Simple Machines Forum 2 and PunBB. Others forums may work but are not tested.

Multipost support.

Multithreading: posting to multiple forums at once.

Message queue: stack up multiple messages before posting.

BB-code support.

Make use of templates.

Upload and insert images.

Fetch and insert IMDb information about a movie.

Fetch and insert a movie poster using the IMDb API.

Preview your message before posting.

When a reCAPTCHA code has been found, the program will ask the user for input.

Posted messages will be saved in the history, along with the URLs to the message.

The ability to view the HTML error page when posting fails.

Support for proxies.

A plugin system. Developers can create plugins that can interact with the program. They can also create forum plugins.


You can download Simple Forun Auto Poster here.

You can find more information about this project here.